Car Transport Brisbane To Townsville

Car Transport Brisbane To Townsville

Welcome to Car Transport Australia for high-quality boat, truck, trailer, and car transport from Brisbane to Townsville.

We are one of Australia’s preferred vehicle transport providers with a few decades of consistent quality service. We have established our network in all the major cities and towns of the country. No matter you want to move your personal vehicles or commercial fleet, we guarantee highly safe, prompt services.

We offer tailored vehicle transport plans for our customers based on their priorities regarding cost, quick service, collection and delivery points, and more.

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The most rusted Car Transport Brisbane to Townsville

Need to transport your car from Brisbane to Townsville? Are you planning to buy a new car from a dealer in a different city, but don’t know how to get it transported to your current location in Australia? Are you looking for a professional and reliable car transport partner that can move your car with all safety precautions? If so, get in touch with Car Transport Australia.

We are a leading car moving company in Australia that offers door-to-door delivery for all Makes and Models nationwide! No matter what the location is, choose us now to move your vehicle anywhere across Australia. We have been delivering our unique, professional, and pocket-friendly car transport services from Brisbane to Townsville and around the whole nation for over a decade.

Our team experts have been working in this industry for many years and thus, they know everything that is needed to keep your cars safe throughout the transit process. Whether you need to relocate just one car or more vehicles, you can count on us for the best service.

Transport Solutions For All Types Of Vehicles

At Car Transport Australia, we have the infrastructure and team of experts to offer any vehicle relocation service based on your expectations. Our common vehicle shifting options include the following:

  • Car transport
  • Truck transport
  • Boat and jet ski relocation
  • Motorhome transport
  • Trailer transport
  • Motorbike relocation
  • Van transport
  • Caravan transport

Our boat transport from Brisbane to Townsville can shift vessels up to the size of 12 meters to the destination.

You can visit our individual vehicle transport pages to learn more about each of these services. If you have specific service-related questions or want to know more about our services, connect with our transport consultants today.

Do you have an immovable or non-registered vehicle and want to relocate it? We offer transport for both non-registered as well as immovable vehicles with door-to-door relocation for completely hassle-free service.

Choose Our Interstate Car Transport to Move Quickly

When it comes to interstate car transport, we mainly focus on safety. At Car Transport Australia, we never compromise on safety standards and that’s why we have got the required accreditations. We can transport it safely, whether it’s a sedan, an SUV, a hatchback, a coupe, or any other type of car.

We possess a huge range of carriers (open and closed) that allows us to accommodate all types of cars, vans, trucks, motorhomes, boats, caravans, and more. Our dedicated fleet of car carriers takes extreme care to ensure that you receive a damage-free delivery of your vehicle.
We promise that you will never feel disappointed when you hire us for interstate car transport. We take care of your needs and try to fulfil all your expectations. Our customer support team is working round the clock, thus, you can be confident that all your queries and issues will be addressed promptly.

The Best Car Carriers Brisbane to Townsville

We are in the car transport business because we are great at what we do. We consider your car moving needs, destination, car size, and type when choosing the most suitable car carriers for you. We could be your best choice when looking for a reliable car transport agency to deliver car carrier services at your doorsteps.

We take great pride in offering and providing for you the most efficient and excellent car transportation and logistical solutions to suit your vehicle transportation needs. Our flexible and reliable car carriers transportation service is designed to meet your requirements. With our high-quality, quick, and economical car carriers services, we ensure you a level of customer satisfaction you won’t receive anywhere else across Australia.

Professional Caravan Transport Brisbane to Townsville

We are the company you can contact when you need to transport your caravan quickly and safely. Interstate transportation of caravans needs professional help. We are experts at it! With years of understanding and knowledge of the shipping industry, we can move any caravan irrespective of its size and model. Our fully equipped and tech-enabled vehicle carriers allow us to move your caravans smoothly and safely to your desired locations.
Dealing with complicated procedures of caravan transport can be a tiring and frustrating job. That’s why we are here to help you with all your caravan transportation requirements. Our experts will use all the necessary tools, equipment, and logistics to make your vehicle transport an easy and hassle-free process.

Excellent Trailers Transport Services

We are one of Brisbane’s top-rated trailers transport companies, offering unmatched quality, professional and affordable transport services in different cities and states in Australia. Our fleet of trailers consists of flat trailers, excel trailers, open and closed trucks, and various types of High, Semi & Low Bed Trailers which are highly maintained to perform smoothly and flawlessly.

Choosing Car Transport Australia is a wise decision because we are one step ahead in terms of quality, experience, and expertise when moving these big vehicles. We operate on the principles of safety and perfection. Thus, we choose the most advanced range of trailers to take care of transportation needs throughout the entire process.

Reliable and Reasonable Van Relocation Brisbane to Townsville

We are very cautious and take guarantee the safety of your vans during shifting. Our transport experts work tirelessly to offer you the most reliable and affordable way to transport your vans. We use the best trailer from our variety of trailers and carriers to move different types of vans interstate. Whether you are looking for an open multilevel carrier or an enclosed one, we can provide it for the van relocation process.

We choose the most hassle-free way to transport your cars, vans, trucks, and others down from Brisbane. Our team of experts will take care of the entire van relocation process. There are no hidden costs or surprises when you choose us. Just enjoy your peace of mind knowing that experts will handle everything.

One-stop Solution for Boat Transport

We can be your best partner for boat transport and motorhome relocation in Australia. Thanks to our fleet of advanced range of carriers and our expert teams! Our transit equipment can easily transport a variety of boats and motorhomes– big or small to their desired destination in a damage-free manner.

At Car Transport Australia, we undertake boat transport and motorhome relocation for individuals as well as industries. So, whether you want to move your boats, car, caravans, and motorhomes interstate for commercial use or personal reasons, we can help! You may reach out to us if you want to know more about the moving process, cost, and safety guarantee. To serve better to our customers, we are available any time.

Excellent Service Tailoring Options

We know that our customers have individual preferences when choosing vehicle transport options. Therefore, we offer tailored transport for the customers to make the service best suited for their needs. At Car Transport Australia, we provide door-to-door transport and depot-to-depot relocation.

If you prefer end-to-end service, the door-to-door service is the finest choice for your needs. The depot-to-depot relocation gives you greater flexibility and allows you to leave the vehicle at our depot in your current city and collect it from the nearest depot to the destination. A depot-to-depot vehicle movement is also one of the options to make the service economical.

Also, our customers can choose the vehicle carrier according to their preferences. Our open multilevel vehicle carriers offer economical vehicle relocation options for the customers. The fleet of enclosed multilevel carriers can be slightly costlier but protect your vehicle from even dust and weather elements. If you have a vintage car or sports vehicle and want them to be moved alone, our single-vehicle hauliers can answer your needs. Single hauliers can also be a great option if you need to move your vehicle to a remote destination in a quick turnaround.

Safe Movement Of Your Vehicle

Regardless of your vehicle type and the service you choose, our expertise and excellence in vehicle transport guarantee you the safest vehicle moving experience. All our processes are framed by keeping the safety of our customers’ vehicles. Our vehicle carrier trucks are engineered and have superior quality construction.

Additionally, our vehicles come with ABS braking systems, speed limiters, hydraulic lifting options, and advanced shock-absorbing technology. All these make our vehicle carrier trucks a safe mode of transport for your vehicles. Also, your vehicle is handled by our highly experienced team of drivers, support staff, and transport consultants.

All these mean you get highly safe vehicle transport to the destination from us. Our services are licensed and insured to give you confidence in the safety of your vehicle.

Fast Vehicle Transport To The Destination

When choosing our service, you may have expectations in terms of promptness of the services. Thanks to our excellent infrastructure, optimised processes, and dedicated team of transport specialists, we give fast vehicle transport services, and it is also a major factor in our operational efficiency.

We plan the movement of our vehicle carriers in advance by considering everything that can influence the speed of the service. This includes the prime-time traffic in the cities the vehicle carriers pass, weather forecasting, short routes, and much more. Therefore, when we collect vehicles from our customers, we give an estimated timeframe for the delivery to the destination.

Our team of transport consultants monitor the movement of our vehicle carriers centrally and ensure that each of them reaches the destination according to the schedule. We also have contingency plans to manage any emergency. All these guarantee our customers seamless, fast service based on our customers’ expectations.

Do you want to move your vehicle to the destination as fast as possible? Our express transport services are aimed to help customers who want the quickest vehicle movement to the destination address.

A Complete Service Experience

Whether you want car, boat, or truck transport from Brisbane to Townsville, you will enjoy a complete experience with us. You may be moving for your holidays or relocating to the city of Great Barrier Reef. Therefore, you may want your vehicle to be moved according to your travel plan.

We will work with you and ensure the transport of your vehicle to the destination based on your moving plan. Our transport consultants will warmly greet you and listen to your requirements as soon as you contact us. They will create a tailored vehicle moving plan based on your priorities and provide you with an upfront quote. Additionally, they will help you schedule the collection of your vehicle at your doorstep or our depot.

If you choose door-to-door service, our team will come and collect your vehicle from your address and bring it to our depot. For depot-to-depot service, you get the option to leave your vehicle with our depot. Our team will load your vehicle into one of our moving carrier trucks and dispatch it to the destination.

Our live tracking tool will allow you to track the movement of your vehicle in real-time. The tool also has the option for you to connect with our moving team 24/7 to give last-minute instructions and get updates. After reaching the destination city, our team will connect with you, update you on the status, and arrange the safe delivery of the vehicle according to the service.

We are committed to giving a spotless service experience to our customers.

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We are leading providers of car transport services in Brisbane. We are committed to delivering the best quality and affordable moving solutions to our customers. If you are planning to move shortly with your car or van to a new location in Australia, just get in touch with us.

To enquire about our services, book an interstate vehicle transport service, or just get vehicle transport quotes, call us at 1300 138 877. Feel free to fill in our contact form to share your moving expectations with us. Our team is ready to support at every step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of transporting a car in Australia is based on a number of factors. It includes the distance between both the cities, the type of vehicle carrier you choose, the type of service, and more. At Car Transport Australia, we have streamlined procedures and a country-wide network to offer our customers highly affordable vehicle moving options.

Our car transport rates are starting at as low as $0.40 per kilometre. The cost of moving a car from Brisbane to Townsville is between $510 - $1450. You can get the accurate cost for moving your vehicle by filling our online quote form.

Most vehicle transport service providers give service tailoring options to their customers for minimising the cost of the movement. At Car Transport Australia, we have a highly competitive pricing policy. Not only that, we give customisation options based on the type of vehicle carrier, priority vehicle movement needs, and type of service.

Therefore, a depot-to-depot movement is an excellent option to reduce the cost comparing to door-to-door service. Also, you choose multilevel open carriers to move your vehicle to the destination at a significantly low cost. Planning your vehicle movement can help you not to choose costly express transport services.

At Car Transport Australia, we try all the possible ways to give the best experience to our customers. You can pack your stuff and leave it in your car to be transported along with the vehicle. We request you pack the stuff in cartons or bags properly and keep them safely in the vehicle.

While we allow people to move their stuff, we do not permit transporting personal products, fragile items, expensive articles, and ornaments using your vehicle that is being transported through our network. This is to avoid the risks of damage or loss of those items while moving through our network.

Shipping your vehicle by train is often cheaper than moving it by truck. However, there are a number of factors you should consider before choosing train transport. You should have easy access to the departing and destination railway stations to leave and collect your vehicle. A door-to-door service by railway transport providers is generally costly.

Additionally, transporting a vehicle by train is slower than moving by truck. This is mainly due to trains usually wait to fill all the slots before heading to the destination. Sometimes, it may take weeks to get your vehicle delivered to the destination.

What Can You Move with Car Transport Australia?

At Car Transport Australia, we can assist you with transportation services for all of your vehicle-related needs, whether you require the transportation of a single car or up to six, a motorcycle, caravan, or even a boat.
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Car Transport Australia is the perfect choice for moving cars, private vehicles, and government fleets. We ensure timely delivery of your vehicle at a highly competitive price. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote from our team of experts.

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