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Interstate Car Transport Cairns To Melbourne

Whether you want to move your car across Australia or just a state or two over, you are welcome to Car Transport Australia. We are renowned for our best quality, professional interstate car transport from Cairns to Melbourne and other parts of the country.

After serving thousands of businesses and individuals, we have expanded our service by creating a vast network in all cities and towns. It helps us provide quick car move solutions. Additionally, we house a competent team of drivers, logistical experts, and other specialists to ensure easy, fast and reliable vehicle transport – both domestic and interstate.

Our modern infrastructure and streamlined process have established us as a trustworthy vehicle transport company among many individuals, transport companies, dealers, government organisations, vehicle manufacturers and many small or large businesses.

When you choose our team, you will get:

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Hassle-free Car Transport Cairns to Melbourne

Car transportation to a different state can be really difficult! Without proper tools and logistics infrastructure, the car transport process becomes very complicated. At Cars Transport Australia, we make sure that all your car transportation worries are taken off you.

We are just a click away. Whether you want to move just one car or many cars, we are efficient enough to fulfil your car transport requirements. You can call if you need vehicle transport quotes for different cars, we would happily do that.

Our team is always ready to help you. Once you approve the quotation, our skilled and friendly team will assist you with the necessary documentation and paperwork. Our experienced loading team picks up your car and loads it on the carrier. We have skilled drivers that transport your car in time and with care to your destination state.

Professional Interstate Car Transport Cairns to Melbourne

Are you planning for interstate car transportation? Car Transport Australia is your dependable partner for your interstate car transport needs. We have a track record of satisfactorily serving our clients and fulfilling all their transportation needs. We have the best and the widest range of car transportation equipment with options of open or closed car carriers.

You can count on us for quick and safe interstate car transport. Whatever may be the type and model of the car to be transported, we have the solution for you. Hence, forget all your worries and give us a call. We are there to help you at every step of the relocation process. You will definitely have an extraordinary experience with us.

Hire Our Most Advanced Car Carriers

Cars are costly and dear to their owners. Interstate transportation cars can be tiring, costly, and a risky affair. No one wants to take the risk when it comes to a car’s safety. But, you need not worry! We are here to help you!

Cars transport Australia is always at your service to transport your car to your new destination. Depending on your car model and your specific requirements, we select the car carrier and load your car on it. Our car carriers are well maintained and best-in-class to ensure each transportation job is safe, on time, and on budget. We do not compromise on going the extra mile to maintain our car carriers and hiring the best drivers to provide the finest service.

Most Affordable Caravan Transport

Caravans are a great way to travel with family. However, if you want your caravan to be transported interstate, it could be a nightmare as most of the caravans have to be towed. To get rid of all your worries, just give us a call and leave all your worries on us!

Right from the word go, you are informed by our amiable team who gives you all the information about the caravan transport process and the documentation to be done. Our highly experienced team of loaders, drivers, and unloaders takes extreme care while loading, transit, and dropping the caravan in the same condition as handed over.

Trailers Transport Cairns to Melbourne

Trailers are the lifeline for industrial logistics. Good quality and reliable trailers are always in demand for the transportation of industrial goods and machinery. At Car Transport Australia, we have varied types of trailers to cater to all your needs whether for normal cargo or oversized cargo. You can be sure of nothing but an exceptional trailer transport service from us.

Our multi-axle trailers can carry one of the heaviest loads comfortably. Our quick turnaround and safe working practices make us a vendor of choice for a wide variety of industries. Industry moves with us! Furthermore, if you possess trailers that need to be transported Cairns to Melbourne, we can help you. We have advanced and well-equipped vehicle carriers and trucks to move your trailers. So, count on us and give us a call to start the trailer transport process.

Simple and Quick Motorhome Relocation

Many people buy motorhomes for recreational purposes. However, motorhomes have to be transported to the buyer who sometimes lives in the other state. At Car Transport Australia, we are specialists in motorhome relocation and help make your experience easy and smooth with us.

Motorhomes are expensive and need to be transported with utmost care. We agree to this! That’s why we have designed our motorhome relocation services in the most professional manner. Choosing our relocation services ensures that nothing will be damaged during the transportation.

Our trained and dedicated crew is prompt and vigilant to provide efficient and unmatched service for motorhome transport. You may contact our staff for more information. We are more than eager to serve you.

One-stop Solution for Van Relocation

Are you relocating to another state? Do you have a van to be relocated too? Trust Car Transport Australia for your van relocation. To move vans interstate, specialised tools and carriers/ trailers are needed. We are a trusted partner of many well-known Van manufacturers and regularly deliver their vans to their new buyers.

Experienced drivers, tech-enabled carriers, and world-class service each time, it will truly make your experience unforgettable with us. Enjoy the highly professional and smooth van relocation process right from the pickup, loading, and delivery. You can focus on your other priorities and be rest assured our team will handle your van relocation worries like no other.

Your best Partner for Boat Transport

Are you looking forward to taking part in the boat festival? Do you want to transport your boat(s) to the boat festival venue? Call us today and take advantage of our excellent service for boat transport. Boats are specialised equipment and no one knows better than our team as to how to handle boat transportation.

Whether it’s a sailboat or a speed boat we have the resources and ability to handle multiple kinds of boat and their accessories. Although we have an extremely prompt service and network, it always helps if you give us a call a few days in advance. Our team shall do all the arrangements and give you a call for informing you the day of pick up and the estimated time for delivery.

Flexible Pick Up And Delivery Locations For Your Convenience

With the aim of providing paramount flexibility in car collection and delivery, we offer you the options of the door to door and depot to depot vehicle transport plan. Our door to door service is meant for those who want complete service from us. In this plan, we will collect the vehicle from your doorstep, transport it to a suitable carrier and contact you after arriving at your desired destination. In addition, we will check with you about your convenient time and availability to deliver the vehicle to your doorstep.

Depot to depot vehicle transport plan can be the best for those who stay in the remote area, away from the city or town. If you are flexible enough to drive your car to the nearest location convenient for you, this option is perfect for you. You can also save on service costs by driving the vehicle to your nearest depot instead of making the driver come to you.

Our driver will collect the vehicle from the depot, load it in a carrier and transport it to the nearest depot of your destination. He will contact you to collect your car from the depot after completing some paperwork.

Transparent Service You Can Rely

We aim at providing complete transparency in all aspects of our service while dealing with our customers. After knowing your requirement and expectation, we will create a personalised service for you, educate you with our seamless process, and enable you to take the right decision.

Additionally, our vehicle transport specialist will help you with a detailed estimation of the project cost. Finally, if you want to give any specific instructions to our driver while we are on the road, our 24-hour customer support expert will help you.

Moreover, our price quotation related to your service requirement is fixed. We ensure that we will not surprise you or hit your pocket with a hidden fee. Let us know about your need and book your next vehicle move with us to experience the difference.

Live Tracking System That Ensures Our Service Progress

We invest in innovations and technology to give you the best service experience possible. Our live tracking system is based on modern technology and gives you more flexibility in tracking our service progress. With this technology, you will have more assessments of your car in the transit process.

You can track your car using our online tracking tool and also contact our driver or staff. Additionally, we provide a 24-hour emergency contact number to connect with us in case of an emergency or any other requirement. Moreover, we will regularly communicate with you regarding our updates on the service.

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You can connect with us if you want to move cars, caravans, boats, vans, motorhomes, and others interstate at an affordable price. Feel free to call us on 1300755969 or fill in the contact us form to receive a prompt response from us. We promise to resolve your all queries and offer free vehicle transport quotes to give you a clear idea about the cost of the relocation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to book our service for shipping your vehicle, the first step is to obtain an instant quote from our vehicle transport consultant. Our instant quote includes all charges. There will be no additional charges, sales tax, or hidden fees of any kind. With us, you rest assured that your vehicle will be delivered safely and smoothly for the price quote we offer you.

You will not have to worry about the shipment of your oversized vehicle because we have experience in shipping all kinds of oversized vehicles. However, you will have to pay more. You can enquire about it to any other car transport company. All companies charge more for moving an oversized vehicle.

These vehicle types take up more space on a trailer. Additionally, they require extra care and attention while loading and unloading. Therefore, it increases the cost.

Yes, you must present at the time of vehicle collection or delivery. However, if you are busy enough to arrive on time, you can send someone on your behalf. We will do a vehicle condition inspection in your presence or in front of your representative to avoid complications. We will prepare a vehicle condition report based on our findings, and you will have to sign it off to ensure everything mentioned is correct.

We will repeat the same action at the time of delivery to ensure that you have received your vehicle precisely in the condition we have collected it. As a vehicle owner, it would be best if you could present there to sign the report. If you can assign someone you trust, he will be responsible on your behalf.

A thorough inspection is done on the exterior of the vehicle to be transported by our driver at pick up and delivery location, you, or your representative. Our driver will check the body of the vehicle and document the damages if any.

Our driver will ask you or your representative to recheck and confirm our findings. You can discuss if you find anything doubtful. Then, we will prepare a report. You or your representative and our driver will sign it.

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At Car Transport Australia, we can assist you with transportation services for all of your vehicle-related needs, whether you require the transportation of a single car or up to six, a motorcycle, caravan, or even a boat.
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Car Transport Australia is the perfect choice for moving cars, private vehicles, and government fleets. We ensure timely delivery of your vehicle at a highly competitive price. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote from our team of experts.

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