Car Transport Costs: What to Expect for Interstate Moves in Australia?

When you consider interstate vehicle transport, one of your top-most concerns can be car transport costs in Australia. Several questions like: How much does car transport cost in Australia? Factors affecting the price and which company you choose may pop up in your mind.

It is beneficial to have a rough estimate of your budget. To assist you, we have compiled a concise guide on the cost of transporting vehicles across state lines. This guide covers the factors that affect the cost and guides on selecting the appropriate car shipping company to meet your needs.

Factors Affecting Interstate Car Transport Costs in Australia

When planning to transport your car across states, it’s crucial to consider several factors that can impact the potential cost. You can consider these things while determining the price of your vehicle’s transport.

Vehicle Type You Want to Ship

You can expect higher shipping costs for bigger and heavier vehicles.

If you own a van, campervan, or SUV, anticipate paying more for shipping. The cost also depends on the size of your tyres and any modifications made to your suspension. In addition, the amount of space your vehicle takes up on the trailer determines how many cars the shipping company can transport. So, if it takes less space, you will have to pay less.


The price of vehicle transportation is affected by the distance it needs to cover. Naturally, the longer the distance, the higher the cost. However, the cost per kilometre is not always directly proportional. The price per unit of distance can sometimes decrease as the total distance increases.

Safest Transport For Your Vehicle

Type of Car Carrier You Choose

Open car carriers are a reliable option for interstate vehicle transport for most vehicles. These carriers ensure secure transportation over long distances while maintaining accurate delivery timing. However, in specific scenarios, enclosed car transport may be preferred by vehicle owners. It is crucial to note that enclosed car transport comes with a higher cost than typical carriers and is often used to transport premier and luxury vehicles within Australia.

Door-To-Door Or Terminal-To-Terminal Service

Delivery Location

If your delivery location is remote, there may be additional transport costs to cover the deviation. For example, the price of moving your car from Melbourne to Sydney will vary from Alice Springs to Perth. So, discussing the extra charges with your service provider is best. It will make you aware of the cost that may come with it.

Door to Door Vs Depot Service

You may have to pay more if you choose a door-to-door delivery service. However, you can save costs by picking up your car from your nearest depot. But you may have to pay extra storage fees if you can’t reach the depot on time for pick up.

How to Find a Reliable Interstate Car Moving Service

Do you need help finding affordable car transportation near you? It can feel overwhelming, but don’t fret! Here, we will offer you some tips to make the search process easier and find the best option for you.

  • Get Clear on Your Needs – Define your ideal outcome before you begin your search. What are your top priorities? Would you be willing to compromise on specific details to save money?
  • Read Reviews and Feedback – Don’t make any hasty decisions without reading reviews or ratings of the company you’re considering. Even negative reviews can provide valuable insight into the level of service offered. So, it’s best to give yourself time to research and make an intelligent decision.
  • Don’t Choose Based on Price Alone – Pricing can be a significant factor when selecting a service provider. However, don’t let the price tag be the sole component of your decision. Ensure that the company offers what you need. Don’t compromise on quality and suitability for a lower cost. Let your needs and budget shape your decision.
  • Compare Quotes from Different Companies – Don’t settle for the first company you find when shipping your car. Instead, you can research and compare prices from at least three companies.

If you plan to move your car, getting up-to-date quotes from reliable car shipping companies is essential. These quotes will help you make informed decisions regarding your car transportation needs.

So, don’t waste your money on unreliable transportation options; contact a trusted car shipping company like Car Transport Australia. Contact us at 1300 755 969 for a transparent quote for your interstate car transportation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to transport a car interstate in Australia?

Timeframe for transporting a car interstate within Australia depends on various factors. These include the type of vehicle being transported, the pickup and delivery locations, and the shipping company's schedule.
For example, shipping from Sydney to Melbourne with a specific car carrier transporter that does multiple weekly runs between these two cities may only take 3-4 days. But, on the other hand, if you request for your vehicle to be delivered across Adelaide to Brisbane and there is only one dedicated service moving cars in that direction, then delivery could take up to 14 days. But, of course, it also depends on many other circumstances, like route traffic or maintenance time at depots.
It is best to ensure that you have trusted shippers who consider all possible delays or road closures due to seasonal weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances which could impact delivery times significantly. Furthermore, getting accurate information on reliable transit times with regular shipment tracking can provide greater peace of mind throughout your move.

Is my car insured during transportation?

Most auto transportation companies include insurance coverage as part of the shipment process. Before you sign the agreement, inquire about their specific policies regarding compensation for damages or losses that may occur during transit. Some carriers automatically include it in their packages, but others may require separate insurance plans for additional protection.

If your transporter does offer some coverage, take time to review the details carefully. It will help to decide whether any additional provisions are necessary. Many insurers will require you to pay an additional premium depending on these factors so that they can cover any possible liabilities while transporting your vehicle from one destination to another.

Can I carry personal belongings in my car during transport?

Yes, you can pack personal belongings in your car while transporting them. However, there are certain things to consider before doing so.

  • Check with the transport company to determine their regulations and expectations for packing items in cars during shipment.
  • Consider the weight of what you plan to pack; adding too much weight can increase fuel costs or even cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Secure fragile items such as glassware or electronics for additional protection during transit.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are properly closed and secured before loading onto the trailer. It will prevent anything from slipping out along the way.

If you follow these guidelines when shipping your car with personal possessions inside of it, you can ensure that all your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

Do I need any preparation to transport my car interstate?

Preparing your car for interstate transport requires some diligent work. However, it will help determine that your vehicle is safe and ready for the long-distance journey.

First, thoroughly inspect your car to ensure everything is in working condition before you set out. It will help you confirm that all critical maintenance items like brakes, spark plugs, oil changes, filters and tyre pressure are checked and up to standard. You should have all necessary repairs completed before departure, as finding the parts in transit may be difficult or expensive.

Then, you should detail your car so there won't be an accumulation of dirt or grime when it arrives at its destination. It could affect its longevity and resale value down the road.

How do I choose the right vehicle transport company?

Choosing the right vehicle transport company can be daunting, especially with many available choices. Here are some tips to help you choose the best car transport company suiting your needs:

  • Reputation: One of the vital aspects to consider when choosing a car moving company is their reputation among past customers. You can refer to customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings to know how reliable they are and how satisfied their past customers have been with their services.
  • Cost: Make sure you compare quotes from different companies before deciding. Prices may change drastically depending on distance, time of year, type of vehicle being shipped, etc. Also, you can ask about any hidden or additional fees that might arise during the process. It will ensure you're getting the best deal possible.
  • Insurance Coverage: Generally reputable auto transporters include insurance coverage on all shipments transported. Verify what type of insurance coverage is included in the price offered by each company before deciding on one service provider.
  • Experience: How long has the car transport company been operational? Look for one with years of experience that knows what it takes to provide superior customer service with industry expertise. These companies often guarantee completed service satisfaction by offering the expected result.