Affordable, Safe Boat Transport In Australia

Are you searching for ways to move your boat to your holiday destination ahead of your next holiday? Do you want safe boat transport in Australia as you are planning a home relocation?

Welcome to Car Transport Australia – the trusted name for end-to-end vehicle transport services.

We have over a decade of experience in transporting various types of vehicles, including boat moving, and provide both local and interstate relocation services. Our extensive vehicle transport network guarantees you high-quality, quick, and affordable boat transport services.

A Fleet Of Purpose-Built Carriers

We have a fleet of purpose-built boat carriers to take your boat to the new city or destination. Our boat transport equipment can carry boats and other sailing vessels up to 40ft of size, hassle-free.

Regardless of you are an individual owner or a business, you will find our services ideally meeting your requirements with customisation and flexibility.

Our advanced carriers are designed with specific features to ensure superior protection for your boat throughout the transport. No matter you have classic timber boats, fishing and leisure boats, work barges, luxury cruises, or super maxi yachts, our carriers can ensure the safest transport of your vessel.

All our services including jet ski, car carrying, caravan trailerstruck and motorhomes vans are licensed and insured operations to give you peace of mind about the safety of your vessel.

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Real-Time Tracking, 24-Hour Emergency Support

Door-To-Door Or Terminal-To-Terminal Service

With us, you have the option to choose door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service based on your preferences.

Our transport consultants will come to your property with the carrier and the lifting equipment, load the boat to the vehicle, and head to the destination. Before reaching the destination city, we will contact you again, confirm a convenient time, and deliver the vessel at your doorstep. It will be a complete door-to-door service based on your expectations.

If you choose terminal-to-terminal service, you may have to carry your boat to our depot in your city. We will inspect the vessel, load it to one of our moving boat carriers, and make it moved to the destination city. After reaching the depot closest to your new address, we will contact you to update arrival and help you to collect the vessel from our depot.

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A Fleet Of Purpose-Built Carriers

Quick Transport

Our years of service, the network of depots in all the major cities and towns, and a large fleet of boat carriers allow us to give quick transport service to our customers. We also have streamlined procedures to ensure the movement of your vehicle within the timeframe. While planning the move of each carrier, we consider traffic, rush hours, short routes, alternate routes, minimal stops at various points, and more.

We have a team of transport consultants, expert carrier operators, and support staff to plan, organise, and execute the movement of each carrier to give incredibly fast service to our customers. Additionally, our teams are well coordinated to ensure the smooth movement of our carriers, and therefore your vehicle.

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Open Multilevel Carriers

Professional, High-Quality Service

At Car Transport Australia, we work on creating a lasting relationship with our customers. All our services are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. Our more than a decade of expertise in the vehicle transport industry helped us to standardise our procedures with the coordination between teams, use of technology, and compliance with the regulations of the industry.

We are also fully flexible to your needs and collect your boat at your convenient time. Our online tracking tool allows you to track the movement of your boat in our network, real-time. Do you have any last-minute instructions for us? The tool gives you the option to contact us anytime with your requirements.

You will appreciate our simplified, optimised procedures at every stage of the movement.

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Professional, High-Quality Service

Transparent Service With Upfront Quotes

We are committed to giving you a transparent service experience. From the moment you contact us, you will receive a friendly, transparent service. We will listen to your vehicle transport needs, provide you with the possible moving options, and guide you to choose the right service.

You will get an upfront quote – no strings attached – when you contact us with your boat moving requirements. This way, we ensure that you receive a completely transparent service from us. We offer services in many areas of Australia including AdelaidePerthSydneyCanberraMelbourne and more. Use our contact form to reach out us with your boat transport needs and get an upfront quote.

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Professional, Transparent Service


The transit time varies according to the destination and the size of your boat. If you want to move your boat from the eastern coast to the western coast, the transport may take a bit longer considering the distance. Similarly, if you have an extra-large boat, we may use only specific vehicles and particular routes to move the vessel.

At Car Transport Australia, we have customised routes to minimise the transit time in order to give you fast service. Also, our processes and procedures are streamlined to deliver your boat as quick as possible. Contact us today to discuss your boat transport needs and get the accurate delivery date based on your preferred pickup date and other transport preferences.

We are one of the leading vehicle transporter services in Australia with excellent network across the country. Our fleet of vehicle transport carriers also helps us to give quick services than most other vehicle transport services. Additionally, we have streamlined procedures and plans to transport vehicles by choosing customised routes.

Once we receive your boat for transport, our primary goal is to deliver it at your new address within the delivery estimate. With more than a decade of expertise and the best use of technology, we give a realistic timeframe for the movement considering various factors and deliver the vehicle within that time. Though highly unlikely, unforeseen issues in the transport may pose challenges for us to give a completely seamless service.

In such cases, we will update you the status and arrange the delivery of your boat at the earliest. You can also contact our 24-hour emergency support to get guidance and assistance.

All our services are licensed and insured to ensure the best protection for the vehicles we transport and give peace of mind to our customers. Our quote prices also include full coverage for your vehicle during transportation. After getting your boat delivered, you can check the vessel for damage and email us the details if any.

We will help you to fix the issues of your boat promptly. You can contact us to learn more about the terms and conditions of the coverage, including the exclusions.

Acquire a trailer specifically designed for jet skis or personal watercraft.
Secure the jet ski to the trailer using tie-downs and make sure it is properly balanced.
Ensure the trailer and jet ski are properly registered and have the necessary insurance.
Follow road safety regulations and make sure the jet ski and trailer are visible and properly illuminated while on the road.
Consider hiring a professional transportation company if you are unable to transport it yourself.

It depends on the size and type of boat you have, and how far you need to transport it.

The cost to transport a boat interstate in Australia can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the size and weight of the boat, the distance of the transport, and the type of transport used (e.g. flatbed truck, low-loader trailer).

To transport a large boat in Australia, you can follow these steps:

Choose the right type of transport
Prepare the boat for transport
Acquire the necessary permits and insurance
Secure the boat to the trailer
Follow road safety regulations
Consider hiring a professional transport company

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