Caravan And Trailer Transport In Australia

Are you searching for hassle-free ways to move your caravan or trailer to your new address? Do you want professional caravan transport or trailer transport in Australia?

Welcome to Car Transport Australia – the trusted name for vehicle transport in Australia with a wide network.

Regardless of the size and type of your caravan or trailer, we can give end-to-end movement services for your vehicle. With more than a decade of seamless service, we are capable of handling even the most complex vehicle transport needs of our customers.

Door-To-Door Or Terminal-To-Terminal Service

Do you want us to pick your caravan from your doorstep and deliver you at your new address? We offer door-to-door, complete service to our customers regardless of you want local or interstate caravan transport. Our team will come to your property, collect the trailer, bring it to our depot, and load it to one of our moving carriers.

After reaching the destination city, our team will bring the trailer to your new address and handover to you. It can be a great choice if you want a completely hassle-free service.

On the other hand, terminal-to-terminal service is the option if you want to leave the caravan to one of our terminals and collect it from the nearest depot in your destination city. It is an excellent choice for people who want more flexibility with their moving schedule or can’t make their vehicle arranged for a doorstep pickup.

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Door-To-Door Or Terminal-To-Terminal Service

Complete Safety Of Your Trailers Guaranteed

We have streamlined procedures to ensure the complete safety of your vehicle when it is with us. Our fleet of vehicle carriers is capable of moving vehicles in different sizes safely. We have purpose-built vehicle carriers with specific features such as advanced shock-absorbing technology to move your vehicle with zero effects.

Our range of trailer carriers includes open multilevel carriers or enclosed multilevel carriers. While both are designed to ensure safe trailer transport, enclosed carriers can give you an added level of protection and safeguard your caravan from the weather elements en route.

We inspect our customers’ vehicles while receiving and document any damage to ensure a hassle-free experience for both parties later. We have expert drivers, vehicle transport consultants, vehicle carrier operators, and other supporting staff to ensure the complete safety of your vehicle.

You can monitor the movement of your trailer using our online tracking tool. You can also contact our 24-hour emergency support with your instructions during the transport. Additionally, our services are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind.

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Complete Safety Of Your Trailers Guaranteed

Fast Transport

The DNA of Car Transport Australia is coded to give high-quality, fast service to our customers. Our transport consultants will create a moving plan for your trailer based on your specific needs. They will find one of trailer carrier moving to your destination city, book a slot for your camper, update you and collect the vehicle from you, and load it to the carrier.

With more than a decade of service, we plan and organise the movement of our vehicle carriers to choose the shortest route and to reach the destination at the earliest. When combined with advanced technology and streamlined procedures, you get incredibly fast caravan transport in Australia. We offer service in many areas including, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and more.

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Live Tracking, 24/7 Support

Professional Service Experience

We give a completely professional service experience to our customers. Our team of transport consultants, drivers, and supporting staff are extremely courteous and give you friendly service. When you contact us for your trailer transport in Australia, we will detail you the end-to-end process, including stumbling blocks expected.

We keep communication as the key to our service standards. Our online tracking tool allows you to track the movement of your vehicle real-time. If you have questions or instructions, you can contact us at our 24-hour support for quick support and assistance.

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Affordable, Transparent Service

We combine the best of our expertise and technology to optimise our operations. This reflects in the operational costs of our processes and allows us to offer affordable local and interstate trailer transport.

We give upfront quotes, no strings attached, for all our customers to help them to receive transparent, hassle-free service experience. Do you want to get an upfront quote for your caravan transport? Or, car carrying, truck and motorhomes van, jet skis transport, use our contact form to let us know your transport needs and get a FREE quote.

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Affordable, Transparent Service


At Car Transport Australia, we give high-quality, professional, and affordable service by understanding the specific needs of the customers. With more than a decade of service and extensive network across Australia, we can give you door-to-door trailer transport.

Our fleet of purpose-built vehicle carriers can ensure the safest transport of your camper to the destination. Additionally, all our services are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind as long as your trailer is in our network. While contacting us with your trailer transport needs, we will provide you with an upfront quote to give you a transparent service experience.

Our expertise in the vehicle transport industry and years of service help us to plan the movement of each trailer efficiently and ensure fast delivery.

You can keep your household goods in the trailer and get them delivered to your new address along with the vehicle. However, if you have personal belongings such as tools, boxes, and bags, it may incur additional charges. You can contact us to get details about charges and the procedures.

We recommend all our customers to not leave their ornaments, items with heritage value, and other expensive articles in their vehicles. This can avoid any possible issues of things being damaged/lost during the transport though it is highly unlikely.

We take every effort to deliver the vehicles of our customers on time. Our streamlined procedures and extensive network across the country help us to give quick delivery services. When we collect the trailer from you, we will give you an estimated delivery time after considering various factors that can affect/influence the movement of our vehicle carriers.

Once we collected your vehicle, our priority is to deliver it to you within the given delivery time, regardless of you choose local or interstate caravan transport. We deliver the vehicles of our customers within the estimated time as we always give a realistic time frame. Beyond our best efforts, unforeseen issues can happen, but our designated tracking system and 24-hour emergency contact will help you get up to date with your shipment.

The cost to transport a caravan interstate in Australia can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and weight of the caravan, the distance of the transport, and the type of transport used (e.g. flatbed truck, low-loader trailer). On average, the cost can range anywhere from a $500 and $20,000.

Make sure to discuss any special requirements or arrangements you may need during the transport.

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