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Welcome to Car Transport Australia – the trusted name for safe vehicle transport in Australia.

We offer highly reliable car transport in the Gold Coast to any destination in Australia. With over a decade of consistent quality service, we expanded our network across the country to give you car transport to any local or interstate location.

Whether you want car transport from the Gold Coast to Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, or any other destination, our optimised processes and wide network can ensure you quick service.

What Can You Move with Car Transport Australia?

At Car Transport Australia, we can assist you with transportation services for all of your vehicle-related needs, whether you require the transportation of a single car or up to six, a motorcycle, caravan, or even a boat.
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Door-To-Door Or Depot-To-Depot Vehicle Transport Service

We offer both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services to help our customers to choose the service based on their specific needs.

Our door-to-door service is an excellent option if you want a complete service. Our expert drivers will greet you at your home or office, collect the car from you, drive it to our depot, and load it into one of our car carriers that are moving to your destination city. After reaching the city, we will take the car to your new address, deliver it, and leave you with a happy note.

The terminal-to-terminal service is a choice for people who want more flexibility in leaving the car with us and collecting from us in the new city. You can drop your car at one of the depots on the Gold Coast, and we will move it to the destination city. After your car reaches the new city, we will contact you to hand over the car at our depot and complete the process.

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Door-To-Door Or Terminal-To-Terminal Service

Safe Car Transport Guaranteed

You want your car to be returned to you as you handed over to us regardless of you choose car transport to Brisbane, Perth, or any other destination. As a reliable car transport company near you, Car Transport Australia, focuses on providing the ultimate safety of your vehicle. Our car carrying service involves a large fleet of different types of car carriers with various safety features to ensure the safe transport of almost all kinds of vehicles. Therefore, you can contact us for safe transportation of:

Our range of car carriers includes single-car hauliers, enclosed multilevel carriers, and open multilevel carriers. These vehicles give varying levels of safety based on your specific needs. For instance, enclosed multilevel carriers even safeguard your vehicle from the weather elements. Also, single-car hauliers are an excellent choice if you want your car to be moved alone, bringing all the attention of the onlookers.

While receiving the cars, we inspect each vehicle and record all existing damage to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. All our services are fully insured to give our customers peace of mind and help them to choose our services confidently.

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Interstate Car Transport Australia

Quick Transport Services Gold Coast

Our extensive network across Australia and the fleet of car carriers guarantee you express car transport service to Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, or anywhere else in the country. We have streamlined procedures at every stage of the transport to ensure the quick movement of vehicles in our network.

We plan the movement of each of our car carriers individually by considering short routes, alternate routes, traffic in various cities, weather forecasts, and more. Additionally, all our vehicle carriers are GPS tracked, centrally monitored, and controlled to ensure continuous movement. The coordination between our teams, innovative strategy, and seamless execution is the primary force behind the quick, reliable service by the experts. It also ensures the efficient movement of our vehicle carriers to various destinations.

All these guarantees you an incredibly fast car transport service based on your expectations.

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Real-Time Tracking, 24-Hour Emergency Support

Experienced Car Transport Service Professionals

At Car Transport Australia, we give our customers a completely professional, high-quality, transparent, and seamless service experience. From the very first moment you connect with us, you will experience our warm, friendly service. We will listen to your needs, provide our car transport options, including various customisation choices, and guide you choose to the right service.

We will also give an upfront quote – with no strings attached – to provide you with a completely transparent service experience. In addition, our experienced vehicle transport consultants will create a tailored moving plan for your car, regardless of want local or interstate car transport. We will give you regular communication throughout the service and ensure that you have a seamless service experience.

You can contact us anytime for a commitment-free vehicle transport quote with questions, concerns, and feedback. We are happy to guide you, offer you a tailored service, and create a long-term business relationship with you.

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Professional, Seamless Experience

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, 24-Hour Support

We make the best use of the latest technology to give a seamless service experience to our customers, regardless of they want boat transport or car transfer. You can track your vehicle using our online tracking tool. The tool allows you to contact us instantly if you have any instructions to pass on. We will also give you updates on the car movement at regular intervals to keep you fully informed.

Additionally, we have a 24-hour support service to ensure that you always get support and assistance whenever wanted during transit.

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At Car Transport Australia, we consider various factors, including destination, season, service customisation options, the dimensions of your vehicle, and more, to give you a FREE quote for your car transport. Our quotes are valid for seven days from the date of issue.

If you exceed the timeframe, you can contact us again. We will happily recalculate the price and give you an updated quote based on the changed conditions.

When we collect cars from our customers, we provide them with an accurate delivery estimate after considering various factors that can influence or affect the movement of their vehicles. We consider average transit time, weather elements, traffic across various cities, and more. We also have optimised processes that ensure continuous movement of our car carriers.

Our centralised monitoring and control and coordination between various teams also play an important role in the smooth movement of vehicles in our network. All these ensure on-time delivery of the vehicles of our customers in almost every case. Though highly unlikely, unforeseen issues may interrupt the movement of our vehicle carriers that create a challenge for us to deliver on time.

In such cases, we will give you timely update and try to deliver your car at the earliest. You can also contact our 24-hour support for assistance and guidance.

We allow our customers to leave their general goods in the vehicle that is being transported through us. When it comes to personal belongings, we have set standard fees for transport. You can contact us to learn about the fees and the procedures.

While moving your goods, pack them properly in boxes or suitcases to make the move hassle-free. Though we transport personal things, we request our customers not to move their costly items, including ornaments and expensive articles.

All our services are fully insured to give you peace of mind and ensure a comprehensive service experience. The quote for the car transport also includes the full coverage for your vehicle. If you notice any damage to your vehicle after delivered, email us the details of it. We will work with you and fix the issues of your car promptly.

You can contact us to learn more about the coverage, including the exclusions, provisions, and terms and conditions.

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Car Transport Australia is the perfect choice for moving cars, private vehicles, and government fleets. We ensure timely delivery of your vehicle at a highly competitive price. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote from our team of experts.

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